Developing Tomorrows Professionals


In the early spring of 2007, Dr. James Granfield sat is his office at Southern Connecticut State University and listened to the then rather revolutionary concepts of the DTP program. Two of the other state universities had already declined participation and partnership in the DTP program, but Jim, with hesitation and with bolstering suggestions, embraced the DTP.

Dr. James GranfieldIntrospectively, he discussed each component of this new academic approach to teaching and learning. Jim was often quoted as saying … “the DTP model of academic instruction is so dramatically successful that it should be used in the process of preparing teachers for the profession”.

Dr. Granfield was more than a partner in the creation and development of the DTP program. He was a sounding board for innovation and a proponent for instructional courage, necessary in this era when we must change the model of instructional delivery if we hope to close the Connecticut achievement gap.


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